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Musical Equipment

Band Uniforms

Item #: 41923
Band Uniforms. Some of the items will need mending. Sold as is. Please bring the proper vehicle. You will see below that this item is a total of 95 boxes. Also, look closely at the dimensions of the boxes listed below. Please bring someone to help you move the boxes. Moving equipment does not come with this auction.

Auction Includes:

Full Sparkle Uniform - Jackets: 58 Pants: 59

Solid Blue Uniform - Jackets: 40 Pants: 53

Blue and Gold Uniforms- Jackets: 309  Pants: 307

Semi Sparkle Uniforms - Jackets: 218 Pants: 223

Box of Spats: 50+

Hats: 317

Hats with Yellow Plumes: 8

Duffel Bags: 10

Pitt Rain Coat: Approximately 20

Hat Cases: 185

Plumes (Navy): 10

Total Number of Boxes: 95

Dimensions of Boxes:

45"H x 25"W x 23"D

Wurlitzer Piano with Scrolls. Will need repairs. Back wheel needs repaired. Does not come with moving equipment. 

47.5"H x 56.5"W x 17.5"D
Results 1 to 2 of 2
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