About Surplus Property

Surplus Property handles the sale, receipt, storage, distribution and disposal of all surplus properties (i.e., equipment, furniture, supplies, and vehicles) for the University of Pittsburgh community. Students, faculty, staff, and the general public are encouraged to take advantage of the services and sales offered by Surplus. Furniture reissued back to University departments is cleaned, with minor repairs made to accommodate department requests. Equipment and furniture available for sale to outside sources is available for inspection and considered sold "as is."

Surplus Property is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the transfer and disposal of surplus property from University departments at the Oakland and branch campuses.
  • Ensuring that all equipment recorded in the University Asset Management System is retired through Financial Records.
  • Providing temporary storage to University departments as space permits or until sale or disposal of the equipment.
  • Maintaining a master list of all surplus furniture and equipment available to University departments.
  • Allocating the proceeds from the sale of the surplus equipment to the appropriate departments in accordance with University policy.
  • Recovery of all electronic equipment, referred to as e-Waste, and provide proper handling and disposal in accordance with University, state and federal guidelines.
  • Provide secure destruction of computer hard drives prior to disposal or resale of the equipment.
  • Advertise and conduct the sale of vehicles and motorized equipment for Fleet Services.
  • Provide a resource for students to purchase furniture and equipment for on- and off- campus housing.
  • Provide recycling drop off boxes for used toner cartridges from printers. These boxes are located at various buildings on campus.
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